Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yuckity Yuck Yuck

Definitely got my yuck on. It's reassuring.  I know it's no guarantee but if I didn't feel like crap you would reading a paranoid, anxious, freak-out post instead of this one. (lucky you -in both cases!)

I've tried the wrist bands, saltines (ugh), peppermint candy, gatorade, and ice. Yep, I said ice. I haven't read that one anywhere but ice cubes are my friend. It seems the actual act of eating or drinking is the best thing to curb the yuck and sucking on ice cubes covers both of those things. The only bad thing is the cubes eventually melt so if I fill my aluminum water bottle with ice cubes in the morning, I don't have the luxury of still having them available in the afternoon. We have a freezer at work but it's jam packed with everything BUT ice trays.

As for the super tiredness I keep reading everyone momma-to-be has, I still am not sure I have that. I'm normally tired as it is and have always loved tons of sleep so I don't find anything that different now.

I'm patiently (yeah, right) counting the days until my first appointment with the nurse practitioner at the new OB's office - eight for those who want to play along.

In other news, I met with my realtor over the weekend! I'm pretty excited to go house hunting and hope the stress of the whole process isn't too bad. She's going to send me some listings and I'll choose some I like to walk through this weekend. I'm looking forward to that. I already told her I would be bringing snacks along for the visits. But no, I won't be bringing ice.


  1. Yay for the yuck :-)
    I heard ginger is good for nausea.

  2. have you tried hard citrus candies? Those work for some moms in the uckity yuck stage.

    Glad the meeting went well with the realtor! I love house hunting. I sometimes do it when I'm not even thinking about moving. :)

  3. Yay (sort of) for Yuck!!! Nothing like nausea and or vomiting to reassure you.

  4. I'm SO happy for you. Isn't it a relief? I know it feels crappy. But it's the very best kind of crappy. Ice is one thing I haven't tried but it sounds brilliant. Saltines is the only reliable thing on the list for me, apparently. I am beyond sick of them but they really do the trick. Ginger, seabands,small meals - none of it worked. It also helps me to be CONSTANTLY eating. To that end I should try substituting ice for chocolate chip cookies. ;) Good luck. Hopefully you won't need meds but they work too. And good luck with the house hunting!!

  5. Hope the nausea goes away soon...hang in there. Good luck house hunting! Keep us posted!


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