Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Olympics and Four Years Ago

It's funny how things take you back.  

Late last week I started watching a little bit of the Olympic coverage on TV.  I hadn't planned on it and flipped it on after the twins were asleep.  I got caught up in some of the personal stories of the athletes.  A few nights ago I watched Bode Miller for the first time and heard how popular he was and how he is a past Olympian.  And I thought, why don't I remember him?  My mind went back four years.

Four years ago this week I was newly (about 10 weeks) pregnant with the twins.  I had just met with a realtor, who became a friend, and put my little house on the market.  I was house hunting in a neighboring town to be closer to family and friends for help with the babies, and for a bigger, more family friendly house.  I was tired.  I was nauseous.  I was certainly not watching TV and definitely not watching the Olympics.  It was my fourth pregnancy in as twice as many attempts with the prior three ending in losses.  It's odd how I was more sure, less cautious this time. Somehow this pregnancy, pregnancy number four, had me sure enough that I was selling my house and moving into a big family neighborhood - a house and neighborhood which would have been impossible to live in if I found myself without a family.

What a difference four years makes.  I wonder if I'll be reflecting on this time in our lives four years from now during the next Olympics...


  1. Yes, I often find my memories "jogged" by events like the Olympics (or Presidential elections) as well. To be honest, my life is so different now, I don't even recognize the child-free me in those memories. So happy your confidence was rewarded with two terrific boys!

  2. I tend to mark time by the Olympics. I remember past Olympics. Where I was living, who I was watching them with. What I was doing while watching. This is my daughter's first Winter Olympics (she's 2). I wonder when she'll start having Olympic memories. Right now she thinks all the skiers are "mama" (I took her XC sking last week).

  3. The Vancouver Olympics were in my back yard four years ago, and I had just, just, just had Rhian...The best Olympics ever!


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