Friday, January 31, 2014

So January Sucked

Right.  You haven't heard from us in months and I'm going to post about the current one and how sucky it's been.  Honestly the other months were a bore compared to January: they were fine, Christmas was great, kids sat on Santa's lap for the first time and loved it, they're making great strides in toddlerhood.  Blah, blah, blah.

But January?  Here are the highlights:

  • Both kids were sick and Sweet Potato ended up in the ER where he was then admitted to the hospital overnight.  He had Atelectasis which is similar to pneumonia, RSV, low blood oxygen and dehydration.  Awesome.  To think I almost didn't even take them to the doctor and when I got there, the doctor said, "Go to the ER.  Right now.  Do not stop anywhere, just go."  When I got there, they told me we should have come by ambulance.
  • I took a look at my finances and came to the conclusion that I have been completely irresponsible to think I could afford full-time daycare until the boys start kindergarten. I've been pulling from my quickly depleting savings account every month to make it work and it's just foolish. Not to mention, I have not been very happy with the center. I did an all-out search to find new childcare with the ideal scenario of having someone come to my house since I work from home and would be there too. I had someone lined up, she offered me at least a 1-year commitment, I gave my 2-week notice at the YMCA daycare to which they promptly filled our spots, and then the sitter bailed. While I do think we dodged a bullet, it put me in a huge bind.  I found someone new on a babysitting website and she's set to start Monday. Please let her show up and work out.
  • Our second family, Fabulous D and company, is moving out of state tomorrow. Besides the loss I feel, her boys and my boys are brothers in every sense of the word.  And I'm sad for them.
In other news, my job is great, the boys are generally happy and currently healthy, I toured a preschool and liked it (because now that they won't be in daycare in the fall, they should go to preschool and the spots fill up fast - no UPK available where we live), and Grandma is coming for a long weekend visit in five weeks.  

Looking forward to February!

Update: I should have waited one more day to write this post.  On the way to picking up the kids at daycare yesterday (1/31), I got pulled over by TWO police cars.  My inspection expired in SEPTEMBER.  Oops.  And I was asked about my (fairly illegal) tinted windows I had done to block the sun for the boys when they were babies.  Luckily he let me go without a ticket.  So long January!  (car inspection scheduled for tomorrow!)


  1. I'm so sorry you've had a rough time, child care issues are enough to drive you nuts. I'm glad that Sweet Potato is doing better. That must have been scary. Here's hoping things look up in February.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you didn't get a ticket. I noticed 4 different cars pulled over by the police on my way home from work--I assumed there was some kind of push to fulfill January's quota. (I can be cynical like that.) I'm hoping February will be much better for you! I also experienced a pediatrician's visit like that. My son was 11 months old and the nurse took one look at him from across the room and said, "He has pneumonia. I'll tell the doctor." The doctor then came in and said he was calling the hospital for a bed. Scary!!! These are the kinds of experiences that help us earn our stripes as moms. (But I could do with less stripes., LOL.)

  3. Sorry January was so sucky but I'm glad for the update! Hopefully February behaves itself!

  4. Your January did totally suck! I am so sorry. Know I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of good luck vibes.


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