Thursday, January 28, 2010

New OB. Seeking Advice.

As I mentioned in my last post, I plan to switch OBs. While I like my current OB, she is part of a big practice and I haven't seen her personally in years. Not to mention the bad memories of the last time I was there. Like the new donor, I'd like new karma and a new start*.

Dr Doogie recommended two doctors. I've done some online research for both of them and they both rate very well.

Doctor #1 is part of a smaller practice - only three doctors - and she delivers at a hospital known for its great nurses and warm and friendly atmosphere. Her office is adjacent to that hospital and she can walk over to see admitted patients if she needs to. Fabulous D delivered her twins at this hospital and said it was a great experience. In case of complications she also can deliver at the big hospital five minutes away with the NICU.

Doctor #2 is part of a larger practice. His practice has three offices but he only works out of one. He delivers at the big hospital with the NICU. He has a partner who is a high-risk specialist and both doctors are excellent surgeons according to Doogie should I need a C-section. (Doctor #1 can do C-sections as well.) Doctor #2 is Doogie's family obstetrician and he joked that I would get special treatment if I mentioned his name.

Doctor #2 is in his early seventies with forty plus years of experience. Doctor #1 has been in practice for nearly twenty years. While I did not find bad reviews for either of these two doctors, I did find two bad reviews for the high-risk specialist who works with Doctor #2.

Ultrasounds for Doctor #1 are done in the same office park as my current OB. While I don't think it is the same exact office, I need to find out. If it is, I'm not using her. Maybe it's immature but I can't imagine walking through those doors again. I would if I had to but since I don't, it ain't happening.

Ultrasounds for Doctor #2 are done in his office. Convenient.

I did read that the appointment wait times can be long for Doctor #2 and his staff got four out of five stars while Doctor #1's staff got five out of five stars. If I was to deliver at Doctor #1's hospital without the NICU and the baby/ies needed to be transferred to the NICU at the other hospital, I would be separated from them while I was recovering.

Such decisions!! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Both offices and hospitals are not far from each other so locations are not really a concern. One is male, one female - again not a concern for me.

What would you do? I don't have a lot of time to go visit each office. Dr Doogie plans to send a letter to the doctor of my choice after my next appointment with him on Tuesday.

*This is all assuming this pregnancy moves forward. Yes, I'm trying to stay positive but the worry is still there in the back of my mind.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Ultrasound

What an amazing day I had yesterday! Fabulous D joined me at the scan and Dr Doogie did the deed. Have I mentioned how awesome he is? Truly. Anyway, I could barely look at the screen at first and it took about ten seconds (which seemed like hours) for Doogie to say anything but then he said everything looked great so I looked. Two beating hearts! He told me to hold my breath to see one of them but when we went back to take more pictures there was no mistaking it.

Of course I asked a hundred nervous questions: Is everything measuring okay? Are the heartbeats strong? Are you sure there's only two? Even when I wasn't rambling, he was completely reassuring and I never feel rushed when I meet with him. Baby A was measuring I think 6w4d and Baby B, 6w3d. He said the gestational sacs are the same size even though they look different in the pictures. AND he was pretty much ready to release me! Then he asked if I wanted to come in again next week for another scan and before he could finish his sentence, I said, "Yes please!" I know graduating from the RE is the goal but the thought of it doing it again scares me. He made sure even though he is not on scans next week to fit me into his schedule.

We spent a lot of time talking about my OB/Gyn and I think I am switching doctors. I like my doctor but she is in a large practice with many doctors and I haven't seen her personally in years. Not to mention when I think of walking through those doors again and especially the ultrasound office, I get knots in my stomach. I would be okay never going there again.

He gave me two OB names so I need to do my research. They deliver at two different hospitals and I am torn. I will probably be looking to my blogging friends for some advice on this but I will save that for my next post. :)

And now my babies' first ever pictures! (sorry for the poor quality) Doogie called Baby B very photogenic and said I could name Baby A Adam which happens to be his first name. Then he said Baby A will probably be a girl! HA.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Two heartbeats! Both measuring a little ahead. Eeek! Details and pictures to follow later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Here.

Hello blogland! Yep, just me. Still here. Waiting. Wait... ing.

Tomorrow marks six weeks.

Monday is the big day -will there be two? one? none?

As for the sickness part, I think I can now say I have felt something late this week. Not quite sure what to call it - queasiness, nausea, or just plain ick. And since I am looking for it, I'm not completely convinced it isn't self induced. Boobs are still sore off and on. Appetite might be up, tiredness might be up. Anxiety definitely up.

Still trying to keep the positive attitude. That comes and goes too but for the most part, it's good. I am determined to be positive.

Happy weekend!

Less than 72 hours.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Beta hCG today, 18dpIUI, = 3694!

The nurse called first to give me the news and schedule an ultrasound. THEN, about 40 minutes later, Dr Doogie himself called. He said he is very excited and joked that I am getting good at this. I replied, "Well, I've had a lot of practice!"

At first he said he thinks it is a strong singleton and then as he was reviewing my levels with me said, "Maybe there's two sacs in there!" I thought it was awesome that he called me. It was a great surprise.

Next up: ultrasound, 1/25.

Eeek! (there's that word again).

Monday, January 11, 2010

The (Baby) Elephant in the Room

I know you're thinking it. I'm thinking it. The nurse said it. Gwinne said it. A beta as high as mine at 14dpIUI could mean 'more than one'. I've been up and down the Internet looking for others with betas as high/higher than mine. I've found very few. The few I have found were multiples. Not sure if you've noticed, but I'm single. One has always been the goal ("Me and BABY"). More than one has always been a possibility with IUI, but one has always been the goal. Two? Holy crap but I'll manage. More than two???!?!? Can't let my mind even go there!

Of the charts I found online, while some have me just barely squeaking in at the high end of normal singleton, another has me HIGHER than normal for twins.

Of course if recurrent pregnancy loss rears its ugly head, all bets are off.

I haven't lost that upbeat attitude I had Saturday. I swear I haven't. Just putting it out there. I know you're thinking it and I am too. Oh yeah, and the nurse just called with today's beta results. Ready? (I wasn't!)...

1287! Eeek. Testing again on Wednesday. Did I say eeek yet?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Beta results are in and I am officially pregnant! (Yes, I said the p-word.)  There really wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have a positive result today with this lineup of pee sticks -

Here I am, fourth pregnancy in less than a year, and suffering from mixed emotions.  I could talk again about my fears.  It's not like they aren't still there.  I could play it safe like last time, refusing to say the p-word too early.   But did doing that make it hurt any less when I lost that baby?  Nope.  So really what's the point in suppressing my joy and trying to convince myself that it's just another Saturday?  I think I will embrace this pregnancy and continue with the new year, new attitude.

I know there are no guarantees and my dreams could be shattered again tomorrow.  I'm not saying I won't be petrified for the next betas to come and, if I make it that far, future ultrasounds.  I will be.  I will also try to remember how I am feeling at this very moment: excited.  And blissful.

Today's beta at 14dpIUI = 422!  (not a typo)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a good thing I skipped the Dramamine.

It was hard to come back to work today after my vacation but seeing this helped. I know it's early at only 11dpIUI and I know a million things can go wrong, but today I am happy! Blood test is Saturday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So I'm a little late...

No, not late for that - not yet anyway. I'm late in wishing everyone a happy new year!

I've been on vacation celebrating the new year (or in my case, the END of 2009) with friends. And, since I'm in the 2ww, this was the first time flying where I haven't taken pills for motion sickness in about 20 years. I'm happy to report natural remedies do work!

I've been trying to read your blogs as time allows and commenting (as well as posting) has been difficult from my mobile phone. I will be back to my online self in a few days after I leave these warm, sunny temperatures and return to the blizzard like conditons my hometown is currently enduring. *sigh*

I'm not sure if it's from the time spent with good friends, the time off from work, my new donor, or the effects of sunshine from spending lots of time outside when I normally can't in January, but I have renewed hope for 2010. And it's hope for all of us.

Happy New Year!