Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello friends!  The three weeks since I last posted have been exhausting as I packed up my house and moved into a new one.  I love my new place and love, love, love being closer to family and friends.  I do get frustrated when I can't do as much as I would like, (I'm a hands on, amateur home improvement gal), but lucky for me, there isn't too much in the new house that was dreadfully in need of change.  I will try to share some before and after pictures soon. 

Baby news is uneventful - which is great.  I had a second ultrasound since the anatomical one because they couldn't get all the pictures they wanted and they still couldn't get everything at the that scan.  Bummer, I'll have to go back and see my boys again. ;)  The pictures I did get from the second scan were better than the first, so I am sharing a couple below.  As of last Thursday, both tikes were still measuring about one week ahead and weigh 1 lb, 1 ounce. 

I've been feeling pretty good.  I did go through a time where my energy level was at the lowest and it was the first few weeks of the second trimester.  I was more tired then than I was in the first tri but I seem to be rebounding a bit now when I'm careful not to overdo it.  My appetite is back to pre-pregnancy pretty much but some things still leave an after taste (which is horrid) and I'm still a little congested. 

My baby showers are scheduled!  So exciting.  My co-worker (you know the one), is throwing me a work shower (and yes, I am going straight to hell for the unflattering things I posted about her), and Fabulous D and another friend are hosting the Family/Friends shower at Fabulous D's amazing house.  I haven't registered yet but have started to create wish lists at Target.com and BabiesRUs.com.  Am I the only one who is overwhelmed with all the crap at BRU?  Seriously, there is so much stuff.  A lot of it seems unnecessary to me and lucky for me, my cousin's wife (a mom of 15 month old twins) is going to help me register and weed out the needed items from the fluff. 

My boss, who I like a lot, is starting to freak out a little bit about my leave and we have had many meetings about who will cover my work while I'm out.  I'm the only one at my company who does what I do (I work in IT) and I think he thought we could pass my duties around the office.  He's learning quickly that network and systems support are not easily shared among those with no background and that outside help is going to be needed.  It hasn't been pretty and I was apologizing for it at the beginning of these talks but I have stopped doing that.  I'm not sorry and after working here for sixteen years with no absences except for vacation, I will have no guilt.  I've started a work diary of all the things I do and have an assignment of documenting who they should call for what when I'm out.  That will be a lengthy project and it sure makes me busier now but I'll do it because I want things to go as smoothly as possible when I'm out.  That being said, I know it will be what it will be and I will have enough other things to worry about!

OH one last thing before the pictures - while I've started to feel the boys move a bit, just this past week I've felt some kicks!  At least I think they're kicks.  So exciting.  I'm loving that.  What I'm not loving is trying to come up with baby names.  I thought I had some picked out but now I'm not so sure.  Choosing names is much harder than I thought it would be.  Fun, but hard!  :)