Conception Timeline

  • May 2008 - Meet with gynecologist, about family planning while single. Doctor is extremely supportive and schedules HSG and FSH tests which she says will be required by fertility center.
  • June 2008 - FSH "not even borderline".   Says I pass with flying colors. I think I will be pregnant in no time. Heh. First fertility clinic appointment made. Wait is about six weeks.
  • August 2008 - Consult with Nurse Practitioner. She strongly recommends clomid. She says because of my age, I should take the Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test to further check my ovarian reserve, and have the first artificial insemination (IUI) at the same time. I'm thinking why do I need drugs? But agree.
  • September 2008 - The month of firsts: First baseline ultrasound, first sperm donor, first IUI, first ever two week wait (2WW).  I respond well to 100 mg clomid on cycle days 5 through 9. At the mid-cycle ultrasound appointment on cycle day 12, blood work shows strong LH surge. IUI #1 next day. I have seven measurable follicles, three mature. I think how exciting it will be to have a June baby and be on maternity leave next summer! Foolish, foolish girl. First BFN.
  • October 2008 - Ovarian cyst from the clomid. Cycle canceled. Crushed I have to wait it out.
  • November 2008 - Cyst goes away on its own. For IUI #2, reduce clomid dose to 50 mg, same donor as IUI #1, same result. Mid-cycle blood work moved up one day, again shows LH surge. Again, IUI next day after mid-cycle scan. One mature follicle, another one nearly mature. Have the IUI from hell - nurse has to use a tenaculum to hold my cervix in place. Second BFN.
  • December 2008 - Same protocol as IUI #2 with the addition of Ovidrel (ovulation trigger) shot. Blood work again shows LH surge during mid-cycle scan but told to trigger anyway. IUI #3 performed on Christmas Eve. One mature follicle on each side. BFN.
  • January 2009 - In the midst of 2WW for IUI #3, I upgrade to an RE. Schedule consult for one day past beta. RE diagnoses me with LH hypersecretion, "a problem with ovulation" and "a tendency towards PCOS". Huh? Says no more clomid and suggests a natural (med-free) cycle for more diagnosis. Grrrrrrrrr. Choose new donor with super swimmers. No meds, one mature follie, BFN.
  • February 2009 - Officially diagnosed infertile. First injectibles cycle, IUI #5. 75 IU Gonal-F cycle days 3 through 9, supposed to add cetrotide to slow ovulation but doctor decides not to. Trigger cycle day 10, insemination cycle day 11. Start progesterone day after insemination. Same donor as IUI #4. Definitely one, possibly two mature follicles. Shocked and thrilled to see positive HPT!!
  • March 2009 - First beta hCG 28, second 70, third 242, fourth 295. Low numbers; trouble from the get-go. Ultrasound shows nothing in the uterus but does not appear to be ectopic. Levels start dropping. Miscarriage #1.
  • April 2009 - Non-medical break due to likely ovulation during vacation.
  • May 2009 - Second injectibles cycle, IUI #6. 75 IU Gonal-F cycle days 3 through 9, Ganirelix cycle days 8 and 9. Trigger cycle day 10. Lining at 14, one mature follicle at 22mm.
  • June 2009 - Insemination cycle day 12 (June 1). Start progesterone day after insemination. Same donor as IUIs #4 and #5. Very faint but positive HPT. First beta 20, second 11. Miscarriage #2.
  • July 2009 - Mental break.
  • August 2009 - Mental break continues. Recurrent pregnancy loss testing done. All tests including karyotyping come back normal.
  • September 2009 - IUI #7. 112 IU Gonal-F cycle days 3 through 8, 150 IU Gonal-F and Ganirelix cycle day 9. Thirteen measurable follicles but only one mature. Start progesterone day after insemination. Same donor as IUIs #4, #5 and #6.
  • October 2009 - BFP!  First beta 135, second 339, third 705, fourth 1274. Ultrasound at 6 weeks measures 4.6mm, heartbeat seen at 6 weeks and again at 7 weeks.
  • November 2009 - 9 week ultrasound at Ob/Gyn's office shows no heartbeat. Baby measures about 7 weeks. Quite possibly worst day of my life. D&C performed.
  • December 2009 - IUI #8. Gonal-F dosages: 2 days at 150 IU, 3 days at 112.5 IU, 1 day at 75 IU, 1 day at 37.5 IU. Last 3 days added Ganirelix. About 10 measurable follicles: 2, maybe 3 mature. Started progesterone day after insemination. Brand new donor.
  • January 2010 - HPT is positive at 11 days past insemination! First beta hCG at 14dpIUI 422, second at 16dpIUI 1287, third at 18dpIUI 3694. First ultrasound at 6 weeks, 2 days shows 2 heartbeats.  It's twins! 

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