Monday, February 1, 2010

Decisions and Burps

It's official. I got my yuck on! And I couldn't be happier. Actually, I physically could be a lot happier but since the yuck is helping my anxiety, I'll take it. I haven't tossed my cookies but feel slightly hung-over every day. And the burping! It is non-stop. The yuck starts after I've been up for a little bit and hangs on until bed time. I'm not hungry at all and have to force myself to eat which just makes me feel bloated. I am drinking water - mostly small sips - and the act of putting food or drink in my mouth even though I'm not hungry helps with the nausea.

In other news, I think I made a decision on the new doctor. Or at least I'm leaning. I've decided to start with Doctor #1 - the woman doctor who has the small practice. I like that it's a small practice and I like the hospital she delivers at. My only concern is the other hospital has the NICU. Ultrasounds are done at the hospital she delvers at which makes me happy - it is not done in the same office park as my current OB which is what I feared. I found this on her hospital's website and it helped -
  • If your pregnancy requires special care, our perinatologists—experts in the high-risk care—are on hand to consult with your physician. This on-site expertise includes ultrasound and other prenatal tests, so we can predict and prepare for every possible circumstance, even before your baby is born.
  • [Our hospital] is the only community hospital with on-site perinatologists and a central fetal monitoring system linked to specialists at nearby [Big hospital w/NICU]. The [Big hospital] team includes the area's only perinatologists and neonatologist who care for premature babies and newborns with special health needs. Our link with these specialists can often keep your baby with you in the Family Maternity Center's Special Care Nursery, instead of moving the baby to another unit for this specialized care.

At the very least, I will start with her and as the pregnancy progresses, if I feel strongly that I should be delivering at the hospital with the NICU, I can change docs at that time. My current OB delivers at this same hospital and had I not wanted a fresh start with a smaller practice, I would have stayed with her and probably not thought a thing about it. Having twins does change it up a little bit but it's still early on so for now, this is the plan. I hope I don't live to regret it.

In other, other news I think I will be house hunting soon! While I live very close to where I work, it's between twenty and thirty minutes from my mom and other local family and most of my friends. I need to be closer to them. It will be easier for me to get help when I need it. Not to mention, IF I have more than one baby, my tiny house is not ideal. Assuming all goes well at tomorrow's second viability scan, I will be emailing my realtor to get the ball rolling. Even if things take a turn for the worst (please no) later on, I'm ready to move anyway.


  1. Yeah, it's hard to come to accept that people won't respond with joy or be happy for you, the people who can't look beyond their own wants or envies. I have a hard time with friends and acquaintances who act that way, too. Their loss!

  2. Glad you chose an OB and can start to plan for the births!! Sorry to hear you've been feeling a little ugh, but you're right, it's probably better than zero symptoms which make room for anxiety to creep in.

  3. sounds like a great decision! can't wait to hear about your next appt.....and house-hunting! fun!

  4. It sounds like you made the right OB decision, and you can always change if you need to. Good luck with the house-hunting! It will definitely be easier to be closer to your support system rather than your work.

    You could try lemon drops for the yuck. They were the only thing that worked for me. Well that and having a job where I could curl up on a couch next to a trash can for most of the morning.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's update!

  5. Change is hard, but you are super strong! I agree, being closer to your support system is a HUGE plus. Good luck with the planning and house hunting.

    As for the nausea, I'm sorry. I've been there. I know the pain of it! It will pass. Small bits of food frequently. If there is ANYTHING that is appealing, eat that. I enjoyed peppermint lifesavers and saltines (sorry if that just made you gag).

    Can't wait to keep reading! I've been thinking of you and hoping for all the best.

  6. I hope that all the doctor plans and house shopping plans go well. Thinking of you for the next scan and hoping you have just enough yuck to make you comfortable but not so much your horribly uncomfortable.

  7. So sorry that you're uncomfortable, but so glad that you have some physical reassurance to ease your mind. Good luck with the house hunt. Sounds like nesting behavior to me. :)

  8. Love your decision :-) as you said, if needed you can always switch doctors!
    And good luck on the house front!

  9. You can absolutely switch at ANY time. I have friends who did so even a month before delivery! So don't let that worry you AT ALL. See how it goes and do what's best for you. I'm glad you've got some yuck (since you're glad) even though feeling like yuck is sucky. Yay for decisions!


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