Thursday, February 4, 2010


I made an appointment with a realtor for Saturday.  And then I couldn't sleep last night.  It's like I'm planning for this future that I'm still not sure I'll have.

Am I crazy?

Here's the thing - on the house front, IF things progress, I need to act now.  The homebuyers tax credits are in play until the end of April and I don't want to be packing and unpacking when I'm walking like a penguin.

I keep moving forward as if this will work out and then when I've had time to think about it, freak out that all this planning will cause it to fall apart.

I am crazy.


  1. Crazy? NO! As you put it, it's very logical to get things rolling now so that you won't do all the moving and packing and unpacking when it might be too difficult, but nevertheless I totally understand how it would make you (or anyone) feel nervous you might jinx.

  2. You are not crazy. You are PREPARED. I wish I had gotten my shit together during my pregnancy instead of moving with a 5 month old. Good luck! Keep moving forward! You are doing great!!!

  3. I understand the nerves but will agree with everyone else that no, you aren't crazy. Hang in there and I hope the house shopping goes well.

  4. I was SO happy to read the 'graduation' update when I finally came out of my blogging funk and as much as I can relate to your concerns (5% starts sounding really substantial if you've had things go wrong in the past) chances are that everything will be fine and it's certainly not irrational to act that way. The thing I'm noticing right now, having gotten over the nt hurdle is that there's always something else to worry about right around the bend. If we waited out every minute chance of something going wrong, we'd be utterly unprepared when the babies do get here. What's crazy is worrying that making plans will cause things to go wrong. ;) I've been guilty of the same fear but I think we both know that's just ridiculous. Enjoy shopping!

  5. Since Im home with my little one, I completely understand the importance of getting as much done before he/she (in your case - THEY - OMG) arrive as possible. And doing lots of stuff in all your trimesters is smart. I found that stuff I did in my first trimester I wasn't able to do in my second and things I could do in my second I couldn't do in my third.

    And NO - not crazy at all.


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