Thursday, March 3, 2011

The First Six Months

So I have six month old babies. Me. I have babies. And they're six months old!! It's still weird for me to think that I have children. I had to pick up a prescription for Sweet Potato's eczema and the pharmacist asked if I had any questions about my son's prescription. Totally weird. (And by the way, his skin is so much better after only a few applications of the prescription.)

The past six months have turned my life upside down -in a good way. My priorities have completely changed, my spending habits have changed, my free time has changed, my work schedule has changed, my emotional state has changed! I don't see any of these changes as bad things.

In the past six months:
  • I haven't purchased an article of clothing, a shoe, a coat, a purse, even new lip gloss for myself. (I realize if I couldn't fit into my pre-pregnancy, pre-fertility treatment clothes and shoes, I wouldn't be able to say this.)
  • I spent more than half of the time not knowing what day of the week/month/season it was as it didn't really matter.
  • I learned how to bottle feed two newborns at the same time with one laying on my legs with my knees up and one cradled in my arms.  
  • My knees and left arm ache on a regular basis now.
  • I used to go days without showering and now occasionally skip a day.
  • I experienced anxiety the first few times I was away from my boys. 
  • I've found some great baby purchases on craigslist and sold my dusty treadmill.
  • I paid off my car loan.
  • I use a coupon organizer and BJs club membership.  Budgeting is beyond important for me now.
  • I added discount/savings/coupon blogs to my reader.
  • I have bought and sold at a second hand children's store (including the activity gym the Dynamo is using here).
  • I opened a Target credit card to save 5% on purchases including Target brand baby formula.  (Every little bit helps and I go through a lot of formula.)
  • I joined and save money on diapers.
  • I discovered new products like Oxiclean, Aquaphor and Mylicon.
  • I stopped using pacifiers, a wipes warmer, SwaddleMes and blanket sleepers. (They never really took to the pacis; the warmer doesn't fit on the changing table along with them anymore; they outgrew the sleepers!)
  • I watched my babies go from wearing preemie clothes to some size 12 months!
  • I have a land line telephone for the first time in ten years.
  • I haven't done any home improvement projects.  (This will be short lived as child-proofing is in my near future.)
  • In a neighborhood I've lived in for less than a year, I've met new neighbors and watched some move away.
  • I've seen generosity towards my children that I did not expect.
  • I've watched my cousin and his wife raising their two year-old twins and learned some things not to do.
  • I've watched my friends with their children and learned some things TO do.
  • I've made some new blogging friends!  And kept some old. :)
  • I've learned how to ask for help, even asking Fabulous D to bring me toilet paper. (She brought me wine and chocolate too.)
  • I haven't forgotten what it was like to be TTC.  It makes me ache for my still-trying, still-waiting friends.
  • I've become even more emotional especially with stories about children.
  • I've made one baby trip to the emergency room. (All is well.)
  • I've skipped dinner more often than I've had it.
  • I haven't used my oven. (Grandma has.)
  • I've rarely stayed up past 8:30 PM.
  • I've rarely slept in past 7 AM.
  • I've allowed my house to be dusty or cluttered with visitors!
  • I stopped recording a soap opera I watched for decades.  I hardly ever watch television.
  • I've changed my work schedule, forgoing a much needed pay increase.
  • I've raised six month-old twin boys with the help of family and friends!  (I have been solo for overnights since month one with the exception of two or three nights.) 

And....  most importantly....  I have not regretted taking this path to motherhood for one second.

It is by far the best thing I have ever done.


  1. A LOVELY post! And, yep - everything's changed and I wouldn't change a thing...

  2. SO glad to see you doing so well, so happy, so in love with your babies! I was telling a friend about your journey a couple of days ago... so magnificent. xo

  3. Awww.. this is sweet.. You are my hero and I hope to follow your path.

  4. Six Months already!!! I love hearing how your life has changed and you wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy the boys' next six months and being a mommy!

  5. Happy 6 months!!! like everyone else, I LOVE hearing how you are doing, and it brings tears to my eyes to hear you so happy with having your boys.

  6. Happy 6 months! Your boys are gorgeous. And yep - definitely the best thing I've ever done too.

  7. Wow, your sons are 6 months old already!! Happy half birthday! You sound like you are doing so great!!

  8. Life is crazy...and those boys are so sweet!

  9. Congrats! The time moves so fast, doesn't it. They just keep getting cuter and more FUN.


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