Friday, March 11, 2011

Doing Better

Thank you for the supportive comments.  Yesterday was rough and it capped off several days/nights of roughness.  Last night I was only up twice so today is a  much better day.  I also had a visit from Fabulous D and another friend last night for some much needed girlfriend time and that always helps my mood.  And they both love to hold the twins which gave me a chance to sit at the table and eat a meal and drink a glass of wine!

When I post about how great my little family and I are doing, that night the kids are super fussy.  When I post about a rough patch, THAT night they sleep.  Go figure.  Maybe I need to bombard my blog with downer posts to keep the pattern going?  (I think not.)

I try to be positive as much as I can - even if it's just to convince myself.  Like if I feel a cold coming on, I'll tell myself over and over again that I'm not getting sick and weirdly I don't get sick.  Granted that doesn't always work - like on birth day when I was sure I was fine and the babies weren't coming yet.  I figured a little monitoring, some pain meds and I'd be sent home.  Not so much.

But I digress.


I know how lucky I am.  I have healthy, happy babies!  And supportive friends and family.

I declare this pity party over! :)

In other news....
  • I have a few blog posts brewing in my head that are actually about the twins. They have very distinct little personalities and I rarely write about them.  
  • Their six month check up (at age 6 1/2 months) is next Friday.  After that I will update their "Watch Me Grow" pages. 
  • I've been researching swim classes.  I'm considering either taking one baby for an 8-week session and then the other baby for the next 8-week session or trying to get someone to go with me so I can take them both.  It may be easier to find a sitter for an hour or two than to get someone to get in the water with us.  I need to find out if the chlorinated water is okay for Sweet Potato's skin and do some research on swim diapers and/or swim pants first. (Anyone have any tips?  I'm considering these.) 
  • Not only have I added to the twins' wardrobe recently thanks to great online sales and free shipping, I've added to their book collection too.  In honor of Dr Seuss' birthday last week, I found a bunch of his books cheap.  I'm pretty excited about this even if we don't get to really "reading" them for awhile.
  • Even though it usually takes me a week to adjust to daylight savings time every spring, I'm looking forward to it this year!  It means more daylight hours with my babies and if I am able to keep their "schedule" the same, I can keep them awake a little bit later and maybe they'll sleep in a little bit later too.  That would be nicer for everyone.  


    1. I'm glad you had a much better night, and enjoyed company of friends :)
      Swimming lessons sound fun! And I hope the daylight savings all goes well (I'm not looking forward to it ;) )

    2. I use those cloth swim diapers and they work great. Lots cheaper too!


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