Thursday, November 3, 2011

Note to Self - Post More Often

I think I have said this before.  I need to post more often because once I do, whatever issue I'm complaining about at the time, is better.  Yesterday?  Napper Champions.  Two naps, both babies, at the same time, in the AM and in the PM.  It helps that my babysitter ROCKS.  And it helps that it was nice enough for them to get some outside time.

Thank you so much for your supportive comments!  To answer Gwinne's question, I have tried adjusting the time both earlier and later.  I learned early on (during the Witching Hour Phase), that if I miss the window for the Dynamo, it's extra difficult for him to fall asleep.  This is true for naps too although he's not as fussy as he was back then.

We have good nap days and not so good nap days.  More importantly for Mama (and it's all about Mama), we have pretty good nights. 

In other news, the Dynamo took nine steps last night by himself.  NINE.  Eeeeek!


  1. I LOVE the new photo!! Congrats on your Champ nappers (at least for a day)... I hope you get more days like that. And it sounds like they will be wearing themselves out pretty soon... walking, then running all over the place!!

  2. I love the photo in your header! Oh, and yes, there really is a "window". I miss it all the time.

  3. 9 steps!!! congrats! and both of them napping at the same time, I am so impressed. I can't seem to get just my one to sleep, as the window is only obvious once it is long gone...


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