Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Formula Question

Does anyone use store brand baby formula and if so, have you switched from Enfamil to it and how did it go? The twins have been on Enfamil Gentlease pretty much since birth but I want to switch to something cheaper. They were put on Gentlease at the doctor's request to supplement breast milk when I was nursing. He said it was okay to take them off Gentlease now if I wanted to but I'm not sure what to switch to. I've read online that Target and Walmart brands have basically the same ingredients as the Gentlease.

I also got the green light (actually the yellow light, the recommendation is to wait) to start rice cereal and I'm almost out of the Gentlease so I'm also concerned with adding cereal to their diets at the same time as switching formula.

Advice from all my expert mom friends greatly appreciated! :)

And the short version from yesterday's checkup is all went well!


  1. Funny that you posted this. We just bought a can of the Target brand of Gentlease and I literally just got done comparing the 2. Basically the same exact things in both of them. We're going to give it a shot and if it works, great then we'll stick with it. If not, we'll go back to Enfamil. I'm curious to read some other readers' opinions. Good luck! The boys are so adorable! I can't believe how big they're getting!

  2. I never got around to trying out the generics, but I've been assured that they're nearly identical in makeup. The guidelines for baby formula are so strict that it's impossible to deviate from the formula (heh) very much.

    Good luck, and enjoy saving the money!

  3. We use the Target brand of Gentlease and I love it. Same composition, held to the same standards, and soooo much cheaper. That being said, I would switch a week or a couple of days before the rice cereal, because otherwise you might not get a true reading of what is upsetting their stomachs, if anything. Fiona didn't tolerate the rice cereal at all, but has been eating the oat cereal like a champ. Can you believe how fast they are growing? GAH.

  4. My sister who has two little ones used the Target formula for both and never has any problems with it. She actually did research (that's more my dept than hers ;) ) and found what the ladies above did, that they are basically the same, but for a much greater price!

  5. I haven't used's hard to say - sometimes generics really are like the name brand (windex, toilet paper), and sometimes they're really not (coffee, small leather goods). I switched Dom from Similac Advanced to Good Start Gentle Plus and it worked for a while. Now he's decided he doesn't like the taste of the Good Start (I don't feed it to him that often, I think I waited too long between formula feedings). So I'm not much help on formula, but re: the rice cereal, I would go for it. I fed Dom rice cereal as his first "solid" food at 4 months exactly and it was pretty much a non-event. If you follow the proportions of formula:cereal on the box it turns out pretty liquid. Dom just sucked on the spoon like it was a nipple and it all worked just fine. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun. Once Dom got the picture, he would get really excited when I would lift the spoon out of the bowl towards his mouth, it's adorable. I would definitely start it - I learned the hard way with the bottles/formula that if you wait too long they get picky and it's really frustrating.

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  7. I used Target and Costco formula. Never had any problem with either. Now she just drinks cow's milk. YAY for no mixing!


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