Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On demand feeding?

So I'm trying something new:  During the day, I feed them every time they're hungry.

What this means is that they eat anywhere from two to three ounces of formula (they decide how much; I make at least 4 oz each) and then they're hungry again about two hours later, sometimes sooner.  I'm thinking the moms out there reading this think I'm crazy.  And I probably am but believe it or not, this has helped calm our daytime routine. They split their time playing with mommy or sleeping between feedings.

I was holding them off for at least three hours but then they would all of a sudden be really hungry and - really hungry at the same time.  When I don't have help, this routine is tough.  Crying, hungry babies while I scramble to have bottles ready and feed them both is not a happy scene.  I end up propping one of them with the bottle and someone has to wait awhile to get burped.  And I've always fed them as much as they will take.  When they eat six ounces at one feeding, I know it will be awhile before they're hungry again.  Unfortunately, they don't take six ounces at once very often whether it's been two hours or four since they ate last. 

Lucky for me the night-time routine is pretty good.  After I get them down (and the Dynamo is often fussy right before bed time - this started before the on demand feeding), they go anywhere from four to six hours before waking up!  And they usually eat between four and six ounces at night.  I'm still up about four times each night because they are on different schedules (up with K, two hours later - up with E, repeat), but it means I get one-on-one time with each baby without the other one interrupting.

And I have fat, happy babies!  They are at least 10 pounds each now (I'll get an official weigh-in at tomorrow's two-month doctor's appointment) and they have chunked right up!  I mean these kids have like five chins!  See for yourself -

The Dynamo

Sweet Potato

I am curious your thoughts on our feeding routine.  It's only temporary.  And if you have some other suggestions, I'm open to them!  Everything is trial and error for me.


  1. I can't imagine doing it with twins, but I feed Henry whenever he wants to eat, too. Something about keeping to feeding schedules when confronted with an angry, hungry baby just rubs me the wrong way. I say, "good for you!" (and probably good for them, both physically & emotionally,) and I hope it keeps getting easier - you're my parenting heroine!

  2. We feed on demand as well (still breastfeeding) - Bubs is 3 months and still eating every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours overnight. I don't have any other suggestions, except do what works for you and the boys. Trial and error is the best way to figure out what works, I think. Yay for double-(or quintuple-)chins! You're doing an amazing job!

  3. You are doing so great! I remember feeding Allie on demand for many months, and it eventually got into a routine that I could (sort of) predict. Things do get easier. I can't imagine doing it with twins...and I admire your strength!!!

  4. Arghh! That is so tough and you are doing so well - just look at those adorable boys. I have no suggestions. What I know is that I fed on demand for Rhian until she was about 5 months old. BUT - both of my friends with twins didn't feed on demand at all. It was just too hard for them, so their babies were on a schedule of sorts right from the get go.

    I say do what works for you now.

    And keep those pics coming. Sooooo cute.

  5. They are so cute. How come the extra chins look so dang good on them and not on me?

  6. We switched to on demand feeding too. I loved the idea of the schedule, but it wasn't practical in application. Like us, babies are hungry for different reasons at different times. My doctor told me that babies are born with this insane ability to tell you when they are hungry! (le sarcasm) It felt wrong at first, but she evened out in no time and was a happier baby for sure. You doing such an amazing job, I think of you all the time going at it with two of them. Hats off!

  7. On demand feedings over here too. It was insane the first few months and I felt like all I ever did was feed him and then get ready to feed him again. It got better around 3/4 months because his tummy must have gotten bigger and the time between feedings stretched out. Keep doing what works for you! You are rocking the mom of twins thing!

  8. I also did demand feedings with my twins. Let them eat when they are hungry, then you have time to snuggle without fussy brother waiting(my twins are boys too) the only thing I did different is I would wake the 2nd twin that was sleeping after feeding the 1st. My boys were sleeping threw the night at 10 weeks, where my sister in law was really crazy about a schedule. Her sons didn't sleep threw the night until they well over a year!
    I Also found these bottles at babies r us called "podee" they are regular bottles, but they have a straw threw them and on the outside, with a connection on the nipple. They suck the nipple like a pacifier. They get no air!!! Less fussiness!!! It will allow you to do the little things like fold laundry, go shopping, anything you want!! I live them, they saved me. Like you I have no help, so I need all the help I can get.
    Giod luck, you are doing great!!!

  9. I fed on demand but just tried to get as much as she was comfortable with and eventually she went longer between feedings. sounds like it's working out.

  10. On demand feeder here, too. At their age, their stomachs are still so small. Depending on how much they have and how quickly they digest, they will be hungry a lot. And then there's growth spurts. Don't freak out if all of a sudden one or both is hungry ALL THE TIME. They go through phases. My girl is sort of fed on a schedule at daycare, but I'm relaxed about it when we're together. And she's almost 1. (Can hardly believe that!)

  11. I have no feeding advice, unless you want to talk about feeding puppies. ;)

    They are so gorgeous.

  12. While I too have no advice, it's nice to get to read about your (and others')experiences. Especially when it has to do with learning to let go of scheduling/planning and going with the flow (which is a wee bit difficult for me ;) )


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