Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Gots Da Sugar

First off I want to thank you for the supportive comments on my last post.  You guys always come through for me in a big way.  I teared up the first time I read them. 

So, as the title indicates, I gots da sugar - gestational diabetes.  I failed miserably on two out of the four blood pokes for the three-hour glucose test.  My fasting level was good - below normal (73), next level was 205 (yikes), the level after that was 209 (double yikes!) and then the last level was back to normal (74).

I met with a nutritionist yesterday and got my diabetes monitoring kit.  YAY - more needles!  And four times a day!  Yippee!  Honestly, it's not that bad.  Granted I've only been at it for a day but so far, so good.  My problem apparently is processing food.  We talked for an hour about carbs, I got a meal plan and chart of what foods have how many carbs.  I've been a good soldier and all my self tests so far have been low except for one.  I have to go back and meet with the nurse on Monday.  I'm concerned about my boys and the effect this has had on them and hope they are and will be okay.

Besides changing my eating habits including eating three meals and three snacks per day, they want me to exercise after each meal.  I've been trying to keep my feet up to reduce the Fred Flintstone ankles but I need to just ignore them I guess and get moving.  I will do whatever they tell me if it means my boys will be healthy.  Time will tell.

In other news, I am shopping this weekend for a dress for my baby showers!  Pretty excited about that.  I am having a small work shower in two weeks and then a only slightly bigger family/friends shower at Fabulous D's house in three weeks.  I am buying one dress for both.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who is not a fan of spending money on maternity clothes that will only be worn a short time.

One more thing - I have some left over injectible meds from my last cycle.  Some expire this fall, some next spring.  I was waiting until viability (24 weeks) to donate them (don't ask me why - not sure I would have endured another cycle - maybe it was the jinx factor).  Anyway, the weeks got away from me since today I am 28 weeks and I meant to post something about them sooner.  I was fortunate enough to have some prescription coverage and understand how incredibly expensive TTC can be for the less fertile.  If you have an upcoming cycle and need injectible meds, send me an email with your protocol and I'll get back to you.  The generosity of this community is so incredible - I'd like to pay it forward.


  1. Crap! I'm sorry to hear you failed the tests. AS someone who also failed the tests (miserably too I might add) I get the worry about the babies. They will be fine. You caught it, and now can control it. Its amazing how the next day the diabetes is gone too.

    The good news is that if you follow the diet and exercise plan you will feel really, really great. I did, and had so much energy, no heartburn, and gained only a little bit of weight in my last trimester (at first I was losing weight actually - even though I didn't really need to). I walked after breaky and lunch and did a pregnancy aerobics tape (easy) after dinner. I also found sugar free chocolate - which I had occasionally to make me feel more normal.

    Have fun shopping!

  2. Dang. Sorry about the gestational diabetes. That really sucks. I hope that you find an eating plan that is workable for you.
    Have fun shopping and I hope the showers are awesome.

  3. Boooooo gestational diabetes... YAY baby showers!! That stinks about the GD, but it sounds like you're doing well so far with your diet, exercise and testing.

    It's also incredibly generous of you to donate your injectible meds. You're definitely going to make someone's day. Or life!

  4. Yuck about the GD. I hope it won't be too much of a drag for you.

    Hope the showers are fabulous.

  5. I saw on LFCA that you live near a CNY Center. My non profit, Parenthood for has partnered with them for fundraisers. We are currently planning an Art Show in the Rochester office in September. Just an FYI. Congratulations to you!

  6. I'm sorry about the GD dx. I have a feeling that you're doing a wonderful job of managing the blood sugar checks and the eating plan, but still, I'm sorry that you have to deal with this hiccup.

    Thinking about you and the little dudes!

  7. Bummer about the GD... I hope you're finding your groove with it. I think about you three often!

  8. How are you guys doing? Would love an update! You're getting so, so close.


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