Thursday, June 6, 2013

More on Potty Training

First off, thank you for the supportive comments on my last post.  I appreciate it!

I wanted to elaborate on the potty training.  The boys occassionally use the potty at school.  In fact, the Dynamo actually POOPED on the big potty at daycare on his second day there.  Seriously.  And he was only 2 years and 4 months old at the time.  At home, both boys sometimes use the little potties I have set up in our bathrooms.  We talk about it all the time; sometimes they're into it, sometimes not.  The Dynamo has figured out that it's a good stalling tactic at bedtime.  I don't push it, scold, or reward short of big applause and high fives.  I probably should start to work on it more and find a reward system that works for us.  With Sweet Pototoe's allergies, we don't really eat sweets but stickers might be a good option.  (If anyone has any good recommendations for a sticker chart or other non-food reward system, I'm all ears!)

It's true - I can be lazy when it comes to potty training.  We have a night time routine and when I add the potty time in, it bumps our routine by up to 45 minutes.  And, I don't know if it is because they're boys, but they could care less if their diaper needs to be changed.  They rarely tell me.  They don't like the actual changing of the diaper and I do talk about how they won't have to have it changed when they use the potty, but unless it's a major blowout, and sometimes not even then, they don't ask to have it changed.

I do like their teacher but he ticked me off (obviously) with the lazy comment.  I told him what we do at home and he said "parents are lazy" right after I told him clearly meaning that I was.  He does know that I am a SMC and has said more than once how he thinks it's great how I became a parent.  He tells the boys all the time in front of me how their mommy works hard.   

He also thinks every kid should be potty trained by age 3.  I have a toddler book that says boys and girls are different and the average age for boys is 39 months.  I think my boys are on track.  Honestly, I hope they are completely diaper free soon and I will step up my efforts at home but please, don't call me lazy.  Or any mother for that matter.  That's just rude.


  1. I'm clueless about potty training unless we're talking puppies so no suggestions but that is really rude. Is it possible to approach him and let him know the comment bothered you? It seems to me that if the child isn't ready you will fight a losing battle.

  2. I'd be lazy about potty training, too, if the boys just aren't that interested. They'll figure it out.

  3. I was all up in Hen's face about potty training because he has to be diaper-free during school hours in September. So I talked & talked & talked & talked & we practiced sitting & we watched videos and he watched me & my husband & any family friends we could get to perform for him, and nothing worked. Not candy. Not applause. Not stickers. Not even a pile of toys he could choose from.

    What got him to care was the fear (his) that his friends were starting to be able to do something he couldn't do. It never would have occurred to me, but wanting me (& everyone else!) to differentiate between himself and 'the babies' was all the incentive he needed. And until he got to that point mentally, there was really nothing I could do about it.

    That teacher sounds like someone who speaks before he speaks, perhaps. Also, does he have kids--specifically, boys? Potty training was way more of an epic adventure than I was prepared for. Maybe he just has no clue? Regardless, it sounds like your boys are completely normal, and it sounds like you're doing everything just right. They'll figure it out on their own schedule, and I honestly think you can't do more than help them be ready for it. Good luck!


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