Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Hello out there!  (Or as the Dynamo would say from the top of his outdoor play set, "Hi Up Dare!"  (even though he is the one "up") and I would answer, "Hi, down there!"  And then we would reverse it.

I thought I would drop in for a quick update!

We are doing really well!  My new work-from-home job is awesome.  I feel really, really lucky to have landed this job.  It's challenging and a lot of work and I love that.  I feel productive which is a nice switch.  And I don't think I have to tell anyone the benefits of working from home.  I mowed the back lawn the other day on my lunch hour. 

And before anyone asks (although my readers probably know better), YES, the kids are still going to daycare.  When they are home, I can barely walk into another room without them needing or wanting something so there really is no way I could work if they were here with me during the work day.  I am amazed by how many people have asked me this and even mothers and a mother of twins!  My routine is great - I take them to daycare ("school") in the morning, come home and start my work day and then pick them up at the end of the day.  It's a nice separation of home/work life too with the added bonus of my own bathroom, kitchen, office (with windows that open), super casual clothing, and noise control.  It's a dream so far.

And speaking of work, I have to get back to it so I will leave you with some photos.  I've been trying to keep up/catch up on your blogs but not commenting as much as I should.  I will try to do more commenting soon. 

Waiting for Elmo and Sesame Street Live to begin!

At one of our favorite places: the local children's museum.
Reading stories before bed.

Crazy Hair Day at school.  (and a photobomber!)


  1. Glad the job is working out. Have to say I'm a little jealous -I'd love to work from home.

    You guys made it to Elmo! YAY!

  2. That's so great you enjoy your job so much!
    And of course you can't work while the kids are around! Not with a singleton so most certainly not with twins!!

  3. Yes, I'm amazed how many people think you can work from home and do without daycare. (I don't do either.) I cannot even leave the room to brush my teeth without being summoned with dire urgency. I'm glad things are going well!


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