Friday, July 1, 2011


June was a whirlwind month.  I started a new job and it nearly knocked me on my ass.  I don't mean physically but emotionally.  It's a change.  A necessary change and a huge one.  It took me nearly all month to realize that it was the right change but that didn't come without many emotions. 

I still catch myself with bouts of anxiety over the fact that I am solely responsible for these two amazing babies.  Me.  Alone.  And every decision I make affects them. The thoughts overwhelm me sometimes.  I know I am 'doing it' and I know I am lucky and I know I have good babies and that helps.   

With this new job, I have less time to blog so here are some highlights:

In June:
  • Sweet Potato started and finished waterbabies (The Dynamo went last session).
  • Both babies got their first two bottom teeth!
  • Sweet Potato joined his brother in the army/belly crawling department!
  • The babies got their first colds.
  • The Dynamo joined his brother with lots of "talking".
  • The Dynamo started waving bye (sort of).
  • Sweet Potato claps his hands together (sort of).
And of course, I couldn't post without adding some pictures....

The Dynamo

Sweet Potato

Finally a shot where they are both looking!
Taken on their 10-month birthday.
Happy July!


  1. Your boys are gorgeous! It is a very daunting thought that we are solely responsible for them, but you are doing great. I'm always in awe of how you manage.

  2. Look how much they are growing!!!

  3. SOOO good to hear the new job is turning out to be the right decision. Congrats! And super congrats on the two adorable boys. They are growing so much -- you are doing an awesome job!

  4. Love your new blog header, and LOVE the photos of the boys.

  5. congrats on the new gig. i hope things level out emotionally as you get settled in!

    and you are doing a fantastic job with your boys. they are adorable!


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