Wednesday, July 28, 2010

End of July Already?

So it must be getting close.... I think I am in denial.  Am I really 8 months pregnant?!?!  Did this really work; am I really going to be a mother??    Everyone else seems to think so - they started a pool at work to guess my due date, my labor coach, Fabulous D, sends me Texts when she's going to be out of the immediate area just to let me know but won't go more than a few hours away, and my cousin who is a police officer stopped over last night to make sure I had the car seat bases installed in my car correctly!  The arrival is likely a few weeks away and I am so focused on getting things organized and done ahead of time, I can't answer the popular question I keep getting asked:  Am I nervous?  Or excited?  I haven't taken the time to think about it! 

This month has been a whirlwind with two amazing baby showers*, another baby class, putting together the nursery (which is not quite finished), washing and organizing baby clothes and linens, picking a pediatrician and a part-time day care, managing my gestational diabetes (which I am doing quite well by the way - so good in fact that I only have to test my blood twice per day instead of four times), and purchasing the items for my hospital bag although it is not yet packed.  Phew!  :) 

I think once the nursery is complete, the hospital and babies' bags are actually packed and all my immediate-needs items are purchased and ready, I'll be able to actually relax and decide if I am excited or nervous.  Today, I can't answer that question!

Thank you to my anonymous commenter for kicking me in the ass to get me to post.  I know I should write more like I did when I was TTC.  Where does the time go? And in case you're wondering, no first names yet.  I have a few rolling around in my head but nothing definite.

*If anyone wants to see some pictures from my baby showers, email me and I will send you the links.


  1. Thanks for the update, it is good to hear the last weeks of your pregnancy are going well and that you're staying busy. Sounds a lot like my last few weeks, right down to the "everyone else seems to think so" sentiment. Altho I haven't been as lucky as you re: installation of car seat bases, the fire dpts around here are doing budget cuts, etc. and it's been hard to find anyone to do it. I though at first "how hard could it be?" and then I got the thing and gave up almost on the spot. Do you have a date for a c/s? Is that the route you're going? Looks that way for me but no date. I bet we deliver around the same time. Can't wait to share the good news!

  2. Hi Astrid!

    I actually installed the car seat bases myself but I couldn't make them tight enough. It wasn't hard with the LATCH system in my car - in fact I was sure there was more to it than there was but I knew they weren't snug enough. I bet your DH could do yours though. Just follow the instructions in the booklet and make sure he presses down really hard when he tightens the strap. My cousin actually stepped on the base as he pulled the strap putting all his weight on it. Also, have you checked this out - ? Maybe you can find a place to inspect/install your seat for you from that site.

    Regarding delivery, there is no indication that I will have a c/section at this point. In fact the nurse practitioner was excited this week at the babies' positions when she reviewed my last U/S notes. She said they were in great position for a vaginal delivery but honestly, my fear is that I will have to push forever and then end up with a c/s anyway. I would much rather just get the c/s up front if that's what's meant to happen. I'm weird that way I guess.

    Keep up the positive thinking!! Yes, you might be right about us delivering around the same time - how cool would that be? :)

  3. Wow, other people's pregnancies go so quickly for me! ;)

    I'm so happy for you and keeping you in my thoughts as your due date approaches.

  4. Hi! I'm not sure how to email you, but would love to see pics of shower. I'm at I can't believe you are at 8 months either, amazing! I'm just starting back ttc now that I have insurance again. Kristina

  5. I so know how you feel, in a weird non-pregnant way. I bet your answer, when you have time to think about it, will be: BOTH!

    I would love pics too!


  6. Whoops - nice of me to tell you all to email me if you want to see pics and then not post my email address! Sorry! I added it to my Blogger profile and my sidebar.

  7. Wow. That is getting close. I hope the coming weeks go well.

  8. Wow! Wasn't that number muuuccchhhh bigger on the baby ticker what seems like just a month or so ago?
    Oh, and having bags ready to go to the hospital. Well if you weren't sure if you were really pregnant and going to have these two boys, I think that would be what would cinch it for me!
    Have fun finishing the nursery and finalizing first names :)

  9. Did someone just tell a single mom to have her DH install the carseats?

  10. To anonymous - no one did that here. I told Astrid, who in fact has a DH, that he could probably install the car seats.


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