Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MeAndbaby Bits

  • Dopplers - While I admit I am jealous when I read other blogs and the author has a Doppler and gets to hear that special sound whenever she wants to, I made the decision not to rent one.  Besides the expense (I'm trying very hard to be frugal right now), the risk of not being able to find the heartbeats because I am inept, and then subsequently freaking out, is too much for me to imagine. The nice part for me is that my doctor told me I can stop in anytime for a heartbeat check in between appointments.  It's not as convenient but it is a nice option for me.  I've already taken her up on it once.  Four weeks between appointments is too long!
  • Paranoia - Probably going hand-in-hand with my lack of a rented Doppler, my fear that something will go wrong is still present.  As the weeks tick by, and I keep growing, and I still have symptoms, I do feel a little bit better but as Fabulous D once told me, "you won't stop being nervous until you hold that baby (or in my case, babies) in your arms."   While my current goal is to get to week 24, viability!, once I can feel them moving around, I think I will be more reassured.
  • Speaking of Symptoms - all you newly pregnant chicks out there, don't freak out if you don't have symptoms.  I know it's hard and even though I read that sometimes they come later, I still freaked out when I didn't have any.  Especially with betas as high as mine.  I started getting symptoms in week 9.  It came on gradually and the worst symptom (which is still present) is the nasal congestion. That and the horrid taste in my mouth 24/7.  Ick. 
  • Losing Game - I jokingly got ticked off at my mother a few weeks ago when she said I was getting bigger and then this past weekend, she told me I looked great and no bigger than the last time she saw me.  I replied with, "What?  Do you think they're still growing??".  She can't win.  In my defense, when she said I was getting bigger, she was referring to my rear end!  No one wants to hear that, pregnant or not.
  • Precious Cargo - I recently heard a story of a woman who became such a bitch during each of her pregnancies, it almost broke up her marriage.  Her mood swings were a deciding factor for them to stop after two children.  While I don't think I've been more hormonal than normal, I do find myself with a little road rage.  Mostly it's me dropping F bombs in the car to the idiot across from me who thinks he has the right of way in an intersection when turning left and I'm going straight.  Perhaps it's my instincts kicking in protecting the two extra people joining me in the drivers seat. 
  • Education - I signed up for the Infant Care and Safety and Child CPR classes at the hospital.  They will be in June and July and Grandma will be joining me.  I'm looking forward to them.  I'm also considering taking a multiples class at the neighboring big hospital as well.  It's like a regular breathing and relaxation class with an added focus on multiple births.  My cousins told me not to waste my time/money on this type of class if I plan on getting an epidural (which I do).  Anyone have any thoughts on this? 
  • Genders! - Yes, I am going to find out what I am having - (currently the top question I am getting).  The big reveal is in less than two weeks!!  I am excited to know but I am more excited to find out all is well.  I have a regular OB appointment next week - or as I like to call it, a date with the Doppler.  Then it will be seven long days to the anatomy scan on 4/26.  I'll be sure to share the news!


  1. "In my defense, when she said I was getting bigger, she was referring to my rear end!"

    My mom said the same thing. Thanks, mom. If I'm carrying in the rear, the upside is I don't have to see it. SO DON"T TELL ME!!

    I didn't bother with the childbirth classes. I did not want to be there with a bunch of couples. I had a c-section anyway, which was not related to getting an epidural. But the epidural made prep for the c-section easier. I got it several hours before I agreed to the c-section, and all they had to do was push some extra meds. IMO, the only downside to the epi is having to be catheterized. Ick!

  2. Oh, I'm sure very soon you will start feeling them!
    I think the doppler may cause more stress than peace of mind. Nice of the clinic to offer you to come in whenever you feel a need to.

  3. Glad things are going well. That's nice that your doctor offered to let you come in for a doppler check whenever you wanted.
    As far as the class goes I think I would likely skip it for much the same reason as Dora mentioned. Although you could call the people doing the class and ask about the focus of it etc if you wanted more info.

  4. my neighbor also commented on my rear end when I was pregnant. What's up with that?

    I also had pronounced road rage! Hmm...they should do a study...

    Sounds like you are doing great. I am sooo excited for you. Can't wait to hear the sex(s)!!

  5. Sounds like things are moving along so well--Congratulations!
    You made me laugh out loud reading how you think you have some road rage because you dropped the F bomb. That's me baseline!

  6. I had a friend who also looked forward to 24 weeks gestation for viability. Her son is now seven, and she says he is still not viable. Very funny!

    My mom also kept commenting on how "huge" I was. She was saying it as lovingly as possible, but since I had gestational diabetes, I was very concerned about getting too big and would cry when she would say it! Hormones do crazy things.

  7. My very own DH has commented on my a-- numerous times, he tries to make it a compliment like - "now you look like k!m k@rdashian!" or "you used to be too skinny" but i don't feel so complemented.

    I hear you on the doppler. I was practically shaking I was so nervous the first time I used it. And there have been a couple times when I couldn't find it. I would stay in a panic until I tried again and found it so sometimes it is _really_ stressful. I still, at 22 weeks, have trouble finding it occasionally. Or I'll find a really slow heartbeat and if it's really clear I'll think it's the baby's and panic that it's so slow and then it will pick up to a really rapid beat and I will wonder "OMG why was my baby's hb so slow and then got really fast - something is terribly wrong?!?!" before realising it's just my own hb going from normal to totally freaked out. If you can go without, I'd do it. It says a lot for your sense of sanity. Also, the movement is reassuring, I rarely use the doppler anymore.

    I plan on getting an epi AND reading the hypnobirthing book and maybe taking some yoga. I think it's important to know how to implement relaxation techniques during yoga despite the planned epi because (i) you don't always get the epi even if you plan to have it, and (ii) labor isn't totally and completely pain-free even with the epi as far as I can tell. Plus it's probably not stress free either. I think it's good to be prepared. I have a relative who 'didn't pay attention to the breathing stuff' in her childbirth class 'cause she was having an epi and ended up dialating too fast for the epi. And I can count a few others I know who didn't get their epi wish either. My philosophy on the matter is that l&d is going to be an unholy mess, just an uncomfortable experience and while I know it doesn't HAVE to be that way, I'm kind of resigned to it - knowing how rarely peoples' perfect birth plans work out. Knowing all this I'm going to do everything I can to be able to relax when I can.

    And I've always had the road rage but now I have the added drive-like-a-grandomother syndrome.

  8. i've been so bad at keeping up with blogs these days -- here i thought you had been so quiet since i didn't see you on twitter at all. ::smacks self::

    glad to hear all is going well. i promise to be better on keeping up with things. :)

  9. Hi, I'm glad to hear things are going well. Excited to hear about the gender (s). How did the regular appt go this week? Oh yeah, what is up with your house - aren't you buying a new house? I'm full of annoying questions. :-) -Kristina

  10. Can't believe your ticker now says less than 150 days! BTW... I love love love the new house and I agree.. it looks perfect!


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